Be inspiring or educate in 2 minutes or less

Students teach Students is the most engaging, efficient and effective method for learning in small bites

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Students teach Students is the most engaging, efficient and effective method for learning in small bites.

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2MYNZ is the best way to create and share inspiring and educational video content.

We are a new approach to building video content that both engages and educates in just 2 minutes. Plus for the first time users can become stakeholders in a fast growing technology company by simply using the service.

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What is 2MYNZ?

Educate and Learn from other students

Being able to perfect a message in 2 minutes or less is a valuable skill and with 2MYNZ it also helps educate or inspire others. We are a mobile only application because studies show that students still have more access to smartphones than in-school devices.

Bonus! We have built a teacher tool to easily integrate 2MYNZ into your classroom every day as the quickest and most engaging tool on your digital shelf.

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For Teachers & Professors

We are sure that you have seen the power of video apps like TikTok and Instagram. You can turn that power into a valuable tool in your classroom. 2MYNZ is an app for High School and University students and their educators that will inject life into homework and group projects.

2MYNZ can help you in many ways, here are a few:


Give your students the ability to create video answers for specific assignments that you will be able to grade using our simple 3 score parameters. Not only will they love producing the videos it will teach them how to breakdown any subject and present it in a concise way. This is a key skill for their future careers and all they need is a smartphone to access 2MYNZ.


Once you have graded their work you can upload their videos to be added to the 2MYNZ video curriculum where top graded videos can be viewed by other students. Peer learning is extremely engaging and efficient plus in the 2MYNZ format accessible from anywhere.


Interactive content generation will enhance and engage your classroom and teach your students next generation communication skills.


Video production is very familiar to your students so you will be very surprised by the level of creativity they bring to their projects.


2MYNZ is just $6.99 per month for unlimited use for you and your students. If you upload more than 20 qualified videos per month to the 2MYNZ Curriculum the service will then be free for you and your classroom.

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